Who we are:

We are a marketing company that specializes in product promotion and distribution overseas. Our mission is to distribute Australian products in African countries.  To this end, we have created distribution channels and partners in Africa to facilitate our investment.

Our strategy:

We take a sample of your product for market research to determine the viability and acceptance of the product. If the result is positive, we then invest in the product, do the necessary registration for regulation compliance.  The next step will be to establish a distribution network and signing up with local dealers for the product. We support the dealers with product knowledge and promotions locally to boost their sales. We also have a team of local staff to manage the dealers,  as well as managing our distribution and logistics channels.

Our Team:

We have a team of experienced people in the areas of marketing, advertising, technology, legal, accounting, and logistics. We are here to support Australian products to grow and have a more extensive target audience.



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